Providing all the Benefits of a Company Safety Director Without the Overhead
Bailey Safety understands the day-to-day concerns and impact of managing company safety programs. With staff offering more than 15 years of cross-industry experience, we will provide practical and cost effective solutions that will achieve positive results in safety experience, profitability and improve competitiveness in the marketplace.
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Bailey Safety now offers a full complement of training and education services to help your company meet the demands of compliance and facility specific requirements. Bailey has the best resources available from our safety professionals and equipment manufacturers.

Bailey Safety can help your company comply with all mandatory OSHA training requirements that apply specifically to your core business. Bailey Safety can perform Safety Program Evaluations, Compliance Analysis, and develop a Safety Management and Training Plan to keep you on track with requirements.
Inspect Your Safety Program in Action
Having a safety manual and training your people are important first steps, but don't forget to inspect and review your safety program.

We have found that contractors that utilize Jobsite Hazard Analysis and conduct JobSite Audits have fewer accidents and receive fewer and lesser fines from OSHA.
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