A regular inspection and review of your company's safety program is a must! Bailey Safety's talented, educated team of professionals possess a wide range of skills that enhance their ability to implement a unique safety program that fits your budget as well as your business. We give you the opportunity to bolster your safety program in a variety of ways, such as: conducting facility and construction site audits, OSHA safety training, committee meetings, accident investigations, and more.

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At Bailey Safety, we help to build a safety culture that reduces workplace risks by identifying unsafe conditions and risky behaviors. We explain and educate employees about workplace regulations, standards, and best practices. After performing an extensive audit, our team will then compile a prioritized list of topics that need to be addressed during training, as well as items that need to be included in your company safety program based on the information we have gathered. While training your staff and possessing a safety manual are important first steps, we have found that utilizing jobsite hazard analysis and audits are crucial to minimizing workplace accidents and OSHA fines.

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