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After your inspection yesterday, you had our guys tie off correctly. OSHA showed up on the job right after you left. The only thing they told our guys was to not drag the ropes in water. You saved us a nice fine, and we can’t thank you enough. Nancy goes to show that having Bailey Safety doing random inspections is worth every penny. You are part of our team and a great asset to Palmer Roofing.

Billy Palmer, Palmer Roofing and Sheet Metal

“Thank You Nancy and Tom for everything. His professionalism and courtesy was greatly appreciated.”

Steven C Modugno Team ITS about Bailey Safety’s On-Site Safety Personnel

“ I thought Bill did a great job getting the participants involved with the course. I like the classroom and the props and the use of them during class. You are to be commended for your outstanding performance in conducting this training in accordance with the OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements”

Zach Rhodus OSHA Training Coordinator

“Thanks for helping us so quickly with this class Nancy. It’s such a gift to know we can count on you!”

Anna Tatman Owner Rosa Mosaic & Tile Co.

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